Thursday, July 22, 2010


My first experiment was the garden chair made up of paper, clay and fevicol.the process is given below:


As mentioned in my proposal, the designing of the furniture is mainly focused on the needs of school kids. So as an exploration I made a garden chair to check its sustainability and feasibility.

Here I have tried to convert waste paper into papier mache.

Steps in creating the chair

1. Making the wire frame with 4 mm steel wire and chicken mesh.

2. Enveloping the wire frame with the papier mache paste and ensuring it’s applied evenly on the frame. Left for drying.

3. After drying sanding was done to make its surface smooth.

4. To make it waterproof and give brightness to its color, a layer of distemper was applied.

5. Finally I painted it with acrylic colors.


• Height – 2’
• Weight – 4.8 kgs
• Content – paper, clay and glue with steel wire frame
• Time required to make – 13 hrs (excluding the time taken for drying)
• Material cost – Rs. 225
• Can take weight up to 85 kgs.
• No moulds required for shaping as in the case of plastic furniture.
• If chipped off can be repaired easily.
• Waterproof

• Weight of the chair is 4.8 kgs which is quite heavy for school kids.
• Need to find the alternative way to make it lighter without compromising on its strength.

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